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Bright Horizon Co./ Develop and Upgrade your Children Skills

About Us

Bright Horizon Company aims at supporting the Education Sector in Qatar, and the Arab World alongside with upholding the parents, mothers, teachers, and educated children at upon various aspects starting from providing the public information, educational tools, and instruments contributing at developing kids’ skills.


Each individual child needs a great deal of security, and care in addition to a motivate environment so as for him or her to grow up emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially, and here comes our role “Bright Horizon” in providing all the tools, multimedia, rehabilitation , educational, and training programs aiming at helping them accomplish their ultimate goals and objectives.

This exactly what our company (Bright Horizon) will do by providing all the educational instruments adopted by the education sector for conveying the facts, ideas or meanings for the child leading to make his or her studying period such an attractive one, and, accordingly making the educational process more effective, sticking to the reality, so the educational experience will be a very vital, direct, and objective at the same time.

Our Vision

We seek to be the best choice of the parents searching for perfect and modern ways education promoting the creativity spirit and contributing at accelerating the Qatari Development process since we desire to avail the opportunity for the children to improve their abilities and skills, and provide an educational system that enables them to succeed in an unstable world where the educational and practical needs increase.

Our Principles


We are committed to provide all the information, consultants, tools, and rehabilitation requirements, techniques, and instruments for all the individuals dealing with the children from: parents, mothers, teachers, and specialists dealing with the children with special needs.

Quality and distinction 

we are committed to furnish all types of rehabilitative training, requirements, instruments, techniques, help, and support for continuing the educational process perfectly and with cheap prices ASAP.

Constant Creativity and Development 

Providing all the advanced and new techniques contributing at developing the Educational Process (the academic, educational, and rehabilitative for the normal and those with special needs).


Meeting the requirements of the client and the child in particular.

The Client’s Confidence 

Providing all needs and requirements of the client and dealing sincerely with them, and taking their remarks with great importance , and keen on communicate with them constantly .

The Client’s Satisfactions

 Clarifying the volume of benefit from acquirement of our products positively , and dealing with them sincerely.


 Dealing in honesty and integrity with the clients.

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Umm Slal Mohammed,
P.O Box: 63122. Doha, Qatar